One Platform Integrated AppSec Automated Remediation

The Mend automated remediation platform is built to support the demanding deadlines of modern application development environments

* Automated Remediation
* Supports 27 different programming languages

* Identifies open source vulnerabilities in more than 200 different languages
* Open source license compliance

MEND Supply Chain Defense
* Block arracks before they affect your development
* Protect against bitcoin mining, botnet code injections, viruses and much more

Open Source Security

Automatically detect, prioritise and remediate your open source security vulnerabilities at every stage of the software development lifecycle

Open Source License Compliance

Ensures all open source licenses are compatible and compliant

Software Bill of Material (SBOM)

SBOMs are a formal, machine-readable inventory of software components and dependencies, designed to track their details and supply chain relationships

Open Source Audits

Open Source Audits provide a risk assessment of the open source components in your software with the following reports:

  • Open Source Inventory
  • License Compliance Risk Assessment
  • Security Vulnerability Risk Assessment

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