Deploy your Edge with Zella DC Micro Data Centres

Zella DC micro data centres are the perfect solution for your edge challenges.

They will save you money and protect your assets. Zella DC Edge data centres have many features that will make your edge deployment stress free:

  • Reduced footprint: small, compact, localised storage solution the size of a fridge
  • Noise reduction: reduced noise levels means you can place your MDC anywhere, even by your desk
  • Standardisation: manage all your units remotely from a single pane of glass
  • Automation: highly automated and self-learning
  • Scalability: easily add more storage space as you need it
  • Latency: local storage = fast processing
  • Deployment: easy to deploy and relocate

Reduce your Costs

  • Reduced Energy Bills. The size of an average refrigerator, the Zella Pro offers its own cooling and power capabilities, significantly reducing operational and energy costs by 30-60%
  • Reduced Footprint. The Zella Pro eliminates the need for dedicated server rooms, thus drastically reducing your on-premise IT footprint
  • Minimised Downtime. A Zella Pro can be with you in a matter of weeks, and it can easily and quickly be relocated
  • Minimised Maintenance. Carrying out maintenance is easy and does not require the presence of specialist IT personnel

Protect your Assets

Zella DC products keep your assets and data safe from both physical threats and cyber attack.

  • Cyber Safety. The Zella Pro protects your data from cyber threats with encryptions, password policies, firewalls, defence in depth and security certificates
  • Physical Protection. We offer different options with it comes to access control, as well as Ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication. The front and rear doors are fitted with mag-locks
  • Outdoor Safety. Zella Hut, the outdoor version of the Zella Pro, will also keep your data protected from the elements as it is water proof, UV resistant and vandal proof


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