Scale Computing Platform brings together simplicity, high availability and scalability, replacing existing infrastructure to run VM's in a single, easy to manage platform.

It  combines virtualisation, servers, storage and backup/disaster recovery with powerful fleet management to deliver a single manageable solution in the data centre, in the branch office and for distributed edge locations.

Using patented HyperCore technology, the self-healing platform identifies, reduces and corrects problems in real-time.

Manage from1-50,000 clusters from a single cloud-hosted application infrastructure at scale and eliminate complexity, lower costs and free up management.


Scale Computing Fleet Manager is the first cloud-hosted monitoring and management tool built for hyperconverged edge computing infrastructure. Run your entire fleet of clusters running Scale Computing HyperCore.

No installation, configuration or training is required.

SC//Fleet Manager is not just another monitoring tool, but engineered to leverage SC//HyperCore clusters' unique strengths.


Scale Computing HyperCore is the foundation of SC//Platform. It is the hypervisor for Scale Computing clusters and bundles a variety of adapted open source and proprietary software to create a simplified operating system.

Simple and Efficient

Deploy and manage easily. Users spend less time on infrastructure maintenance to focus on strategic projects.

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