What is Layer 2 Link Balancing?

Widespread adoption of video and cloud applications is driving up bandwidth demand. With current estimates projecting that bandwidth usage is doubling every two years, businesses face the challenge of scaling bandwidth and optimising performance while containing costs.

Layer 2 Link Balancing is a flexible bandwidth solution that distributes traffic efficiently over multiple network connections to maximise uptime and performance.

ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks

ELFIQ link balancing technology is a proven solution that delivers rock-solid performance with advanced features for solving difficult bandwidth and performance challenges. ELFIQ intelligently directs a site’s inbound and outbound traffic across multiple connections to deliver amazingly agile, scalable and reliable networks

ELFIQ Link Balancing Features

ELFIQ Cloud-managed solutions include all the features required to turn any combination of links into a faster Internet connection, build a reliable and secure Layer 2 network, or create a hybrid SD-WAN that automatically encrypts and optimises connectivity across multiple sites

ELFIQ and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) for the Hospitality Industry

Evolving bandwidth requirements, increasingly voracious Cloud usage by guests, along with aging infrastructure, will continue to place increased pressure on hotel networks

With that in mind, Adaptiv believes that the need for robust bandwidth management and failover is more important than ever

With ELFIQ by Adaptiv, hotels can leverage multiple connections using different technologies from different ISPs. With such technology, they no longer need to depend on a single provider, ensuring their guests can enjoy peak Wi-Fi experience

Adaptiv provides ELFIQ uninterrupted HSIA solutions to major hotel chains throughout the world, including Marriott and Mandarin Oriental, with Global Geolink providing redundancy for Internet access across multiple geographical locations

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