Adaptiv SDx

Adaptiv SDx is a cloud managed SD-WAN solution for small and medium enterprises, powered by Adaptiv I Cloud network components.

Benefits of Adaptiv SDx

* Non-stop, multi-cloud optimisation and productivity
* Clear and high-quality audio and video calls
* Protection against link outages and network failures
* Simplified, easy to manage network configurations
* Faster network deployment

Adaptiv I Cloud Portal

This cloud-based orchestrator serves as a single pane application to provision SDx features and configurations. Partners and customers can log into this easy to use platform to review network configurations, analytics and real-time QoS.

Adaptiv I Cloud Portal is a multi-tenant platform that is ideal for Managed Service Providers and Data Centres.


Once you onboard as a Partner or customer, you will receive the credentials to log into Adaptiv I Cloud Portal. From there you can create user accounts and enter orders.

Adaptiv I Edge

Adaptiv I Edge is a network device that is installed at every customer site and communicates with other infrastructure components for cloud provisioning, branch automation and centralised network management.

The device is provisioned , managed and monitored through Adaptiv I Cloud Portal. Once powered and installed, it serves as a robust connection between the customer network and Adaptiv infrastructure.

Adaptiv I Edge devices come as part of the SDx license, so there is no CAPEX outlay.

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